Tanning Salons in Ottawa Ontario

When you look good you feel good. If you're looking for that perfect tan, even in mid-winter, then consider using an Ottawa tanning salon. Many Ottawa tanning salons have exceptional tanning equipment and packages to suit your needs. Achieve that natural tan using the traditional tanning beds or using the spray on Mystic tan technology. Bring out that perfect colour today and choose from the following Ottawa tanning salons

Standard Listings
Southern Lites Tanning Nails & Esthetics Salon - Salon Canada Tanning Salons
Come in and discover a hip & modern tanning salon with Nail & Esthetic services onsite. With their NEW 52 Lamp Standup Booth you can obtain a rich gol... more
2430 Bank Street,Ottawa
Ontario,K1V 0T7
Artistic - Hair - Esthetics - Tanning - Salon Canada Tanning Salons
Artistic was first established in 1978 as one of Ottawa’s first downtown hair salons. In operation for close to 30 years, Artistic is considered one... more
278 Bank Street,Ottawa
Ontario,K2P 1X6
website : Visit Web Site
Bel-O-Sol Tanning Salon - Salon Canada Tanning Salons
Ten tanning beds including stand-up. Four beds with 2 facials, medium bed with 3 facials. Central air, each room equipment includes a private stereo. ... more
1836 Bank Street,Ottawa
Ontario,K1V 7Y6
Basic Listings
2401 Bank St # 5, Ottawa
Ontario, K1V 8R9

1836 Bank St, Ottawa
Ontario, K1V 7Y6

, Ottawa

1200 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa
Ontario, K1K 3B8

1033 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa
Ontario, K1K 3B1

380 Terminal Ave, Ottawa
Ontario, K1G 0Z3

1667 Carling Ave, Ottawa
Ontario, K2A 1C4

1765 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa
Ontario, K1G 3V4

133 Besserer St, Ottawa
Ontario, K1N 6A7

2277 Riverside Dr, Ottawa
Ontario, K1H 7X6

2525 Carling Ave, Ottawa
Ontario, K2B 7Z2

1226 Wellington St W, Ottawa
Ontario, K1Y 3A1

1200 Wellington E, Ottawa

780 Baseline Rd # 9, Ottawa
Ontario, K2C 3V8

2 Lorry Greenberg Dr # 5, Ottawa
Ontario, K1G 5H6

1600 Walkley Rd, Ottawa
Ontario, K1V 6P5

2430 Bank St # 11, Ottawa
Ontario, K1V 0T7

84B O'Connor St, Ottawa
Ontario, K1P 5M7

629 Center St, Ottawa
Ontario, K1K 2N8

131 Bank St, Ottawa
Ontario, K1P 5N7

190 Maclaren St # 201, Ottawa
Ontario, K2P 0L6

1846 Carling Ave # B, Ottawa
Ontario, K2A 1E3

215 Rideau St # B, Ottawa
Ontario, K1N 5X8

801 King Edward Ave # N206, Ottawa
Ontario, K1N 6N5